Family Theater Project's "Frog Prince," a musical written and directed by Kyleigh Archer, was produced at the beginning of 2017. WP Noonan was brought on for marketing design, script printing, map illustration, and printing of large vinyl backdrops for the set.


Frog Prince Poster (12x18, 100lb gloss text)



Scripts were printed and bound for initial readthroughs of the three books being workshopped.

Postcards (4x6, 16pt, uv coated)

Postcards were printed on sturdy 16PT stock and then given a full wash of UV varnish to give them extra protection when being passed out and placed in public spaces.


The Map (24x36, canvas)

The map needed to be large enough for general detail to be seen from ~20 feet away, featuring the two kingdoms and the forest that lay between.

Backdrops (48x96, 13oz vinyl)

The backdrops were scaled up from 600dpi scans of the director's own drawings, and printed on to sturdy, weatherproof 13oz scrim vinyl. Velcro strips were sewn on to the hems, and they were then wrapped around wooden frames custom built to house them.