Annex Theatre has been a staple of the Pacific Northwest Fringe Scene for the last 31 years, and is home to the longest-running cabaret show in Seattle. Each year, Annex produces eight bold new works, showcasing big theater on a small budget.

When their group therapy ends prematurely, eight girls say goodbye with a “safe space” slumber party, only to find they have unfinished business with each other.

Photo by Dangerpants Photography


Set against the backdrop of the "War On Terror," Rose T. O'Brien, an eccentric late-20s gamer with massive confidence issues and a deep competitive streak, goes looking for employment in the virtual reality sector at a major industry conference in Las Vegas.

Sweet-faced Bunny Le Blanc brought her bright lights to 1960s Hollywood, a technicolor land of fever dreams, and now she’s dead. Last seen on luxurious Lilac Lane, home to glamorous stars and faded legends, someone on this street murdered Bunny, but who?

Antic animals drink away their troubles with friends and foes at a mountain tavern in the Cascades, where every bunny knows your name. Share a pint as these creatures encounter love, laughs, and their own primal natures.